Hard Mashona


Hard Mashona is a non-profit making organisation which is on a mission to identify talent in the youths with the aim of promoting and exposing different capabilities.

So far, we have recorded music from many youths from different suburbs and signed five of the promising singers



To unearth talent among disadvantaged communities “There are a lot of talented youths into different arts and we gave ourselves a social mandatory to help and develop individual talent."

"Hard Mashona Arts and Culture Trust has embarked on a scouting project around the country."

Hard Mashona is also promoting visual artists while working with various associations that work with printmakers, painters and sculptors among other artists.

Arts and Crafts Movement is one of the most influential, profound and far-reaching design movements of modern times.


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This is a movement unlike any that has gone before. Its pioneering spirit of reform, and the value it places on the quality of materials and design, as well as life, shaped the world we live in today.